Friday, May 18, 2012

A Tone that Resonates

I have been reading poetry and poetic writers for years. A tone that resonates in my soul. The Psalmist sings to me thousands of years later. Many times the hum that draws me dissipates and eventually disappears.

I panic.

Have I lost my way?

The creator whispers … silence… be still.

And then I hear it: the music within.

I answer it. I let it flow through me from my heart to my finger tips.

This has happened to me too often to count. I panic in the silence after my tutors have played for me. The silence may last only a moment. The silence may last an entire year. Usually it lasts longer if I fail to lean into it.

I cry aloud. I go to sleep. I search for answers in many places. I numb myself with noise: audible and visual noise. Why do I need white noise in my life?

When the silence is where the discovery begins and the beauty reveals.

Today I make a vow to not panic in the silence, but make a choice to remember that is where the melody is found.