Thursday, September 7, 2006

Poem: Sinister and Blue

Dreams and hope still blossom
They have eternal flame
Even curse of generations
Cannot drown out the same

Dark my dreams of late
Sinister and blue
Despite the gentle coaxing
By the hand of you

Tears that stain my pillow
Oppression from the deep
Taloned claws so buried
Prey upon our sheets

Yet flame birthed in the early
Young, impressionable years
Some how survived the dowsing
Some would think it queer

That fire so ignited
Could survive the storm
Demonic dark depression
From those whom me have born

Tiny birthday candle
Set upon my heart
Love for my creator
Respected from the start

So I stand in awe
At paradox of life
Darkness that surrounds me
Causes marital strife

So gently now He lifts me
From my deepest pit
Hope springs in the morning
Sunshine it comes to sit

Inching in upon me
Softly on my bed
To rest upon my eye lids
My Lord has come and said:

Take them now - My mercies
You know it to be true
Each morning I do give them
Freely now to you

Amazing how - the hope
Quickly can return
To home and habitation
Making candles burn

Hope it springs eternal
Love cannot be quenched
When founded by Creator
Satan is found lynched

Elizabeth 09-07-06

I wrote that one morning and little did I remember that Scott had come in and prayed for me while I slept. When I showed him the poem he, was in awe of the Lord and the power of prayer. Then he wrote this:

Morning Hope

One simple prayer said over you
Helps us both to not be blue
Call on the father at first light
Makes the day his…
Gives him the fight
We know we love you
Both Jesus and I
We want you to see it
With your inner eye